I’ve always been delighted to receive a handwritten note in the mail. I appreciate beautiful paper and cherish personal sentiments. My Sincerely Yours™ stationery line combines my love of quality stationery and a gracious lifestyle. Here’s hoping you are inspired to write to someone special today.

Gracious Notes™

Set of nine flat note cards with three of Diane's favorite personal quotes, printed on Crane paper.


Cheerful Greetings™

Set of ten fold over note cards with one of Diane's favorite personal quotes on back of card.


Sincerely Yours™

Ten fold over note cards in a lovely Madison Red with Classic White envelopes.


Thank You Note Etiquette

It is much easier to spend a few minutes composing a thoughtful thank you note or letter than spending the same amount of time crafting an agonizing apology for overlooking a kind gesture or special occasion. Here are a few simple etiquette tips to keep in mind when composing your thank you note:

  1. Everyone loves to see their name in print. Start your note by addressing the person by name. Be sure to double check the correct spelling. It would be a shame to start your heartfelt letter off on the wrong foot, using an incorrect or misspelled name.
  2. Specifically mention the gift and how you plan to use or enjoy it. The exception is when you are given cash. The correct acknowledgement is, "Thank you for your generous gift" followed by stating how you plan to use the money.
  3. Ink color matters. While business correspondence requires black ink, social thank you's to friends and family can be more relaxed. Feel free to use a colored ink of your choice. One caution - gold ink is very pretty but often difficult to read.  If you plan to use gold ink, try out a few pens before you handwrite your note, as some write better than others.
  4. Check your spelling and grammar.  A poorly written thank you note is an indicator that you did not spend much time or effort in the letter writing process.
  5. Skip the preprinted "Thank You" card. A letter written on personal stationery or a fold over note card with your own thoughts of appreciation is preferable over a generic "Thank you" card. 
  6. Close with respect. Social closings range from "Fondly" to "Love" and everything in between. The closing sentiment should reflect the relationship you have with the person you are sending the note. If you are only a casual acquaintance with your next door neighbor, you may want to stick with a friendly "Sincerely" when thanking her for the home baked goodies she sent over while you were sick.
  7. Pay attention to the envelope. Address the envelope properly and don't forget to include a return address. Avoid using a postage meter for a personal note and give special consideration to the selection of your stamp. A holiday stamp is most enjoyed during the holiday season.