"If you think business and manners don’t mix, try talking with your mouth full.” - Diane Gottsman, Modern Manners & Etiquette Expert, Author, Media Resource

It’s not polite to toot your own horn and you won’t find a concise list of our corporate clients and their testimonials on our website. However, this is a proud example of what our clients consistently say about Diane’s training:


Nicole Van Den Heuvel
Rice University Center for Career Development

Diane is a renowned etiquette expert and has worked with the Center for Career Development at Rice University for the past 13 years. She teaches our students and staff how to successfully transition into the professional world, covering everything from networking, business etiquette, social media, communication skills, and dress. Her seminars are hands-on so students are practicing every step of the way.

She delivers serious content with an energetic and witty manner and students walk away feeling more confident and can immediately apply what they have learned. Diane knows how to captivate an audience and keep them engaged. Her tips are always current, practical, and timeless. Diane’s passion for the topic is inspirational and keeps the students coming back year after year.

Sincerely, Nicole Van Den Heuvel


Eileen Pedante-Stone
UPS Freight

In an ever changing business world one constant that occurs in each day is etiquette. Sometimes we assume that people in business, no matter what level, know the basics of good etiquette…..from shaking someone’s hand, to proper lunch etiquette, to the correct approach to business casual attire. Simple “essential” etiquette is worth revisiting for us all as we can slip into bad habits and misperceptions of what is proper and what is not. Worse yet we could be conducting ourselves in a way that is inappropriate without even realizing it.

Inviting Diane Gottsman, a national etiquette expert, to address our sales management team at our recent 2015 Sales Kick Off event was powerful. Diane was immediately engaging and unassuming, which put the team at ease and ready to talk about etiquette that perhaps we all thought we knew or learned at some point in life.

In one hour Diane was able to address key etiquette essentials that will help us all to be the best we can be. Essentials like the handshake, introducing yourself using your full name, making eye contact and where to look, how to handle difficult situations in business, to the proverbial questions of what truly is business casual attire!

Diane and her approach to these etiquette items was spot on. She energized the group and helped them learn proper etiquette without feeling uncomfortable about what they didn’t know they didn’t know!

Comments like these came after the session –
“….the message about what you say without saying a word….resonated….”
“Practice your smile and when you are feeling uncomfortable, smile and part your lips….”

Applying these skills to our daily business and personal life will truly make us all better professionally and personally. Hats off Diane!
Eileen Pedante-Stone