"If you think business and manners don’t mix, try talking with your mouth full.” - Diane Gottsman, Modern Manners & Etiquette Expert, Author, Media Resource
Traveling Smart
Travel Smart on Your Next Business Trip
From overweight suitcases to oozing shampoo bottles, packing mishaps are common for many travelers. Whether you’re commuting for business, pleasure
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How to Quit Your Job
How to Quit Your Job Without Burning a Bridge
It can be tough to find your dream profession; millennials know this first hand. Young professionals finding their calling frequently
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Table Setting Etiquette for Business
Table Setting Diagram
Sharing a meal with a valuable client or trusted industry resource is a good way to break bread and cement
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how to get your emails read
How to Get Your Emails Read
Everyone knows the frustration of an overflowing inbox. Given the sheer volume of messages, most people simply can’t read them
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