"If you think business and manners don’t mix, try talking with your mouth full.” - Diane Gottsman, Modern Manners & Etiquette Expert, Author, Media Resource

University Etiquette

Business relationships are developed in a variety of situations, including lunches, receptions, dinners and fundraisers. Do your students have the tools they need to stand out?


Corporate Etiquette

Studies have shown that 85% of job success is based on the ability to put others at ease, leaving only 15% of a person's job success to technical knowledge.


Career & Lifestyle

Set your goals high, put on your most stylish shoes and get ready to create a personal image, a professional brand and life you love.


Social Media Etiquette

Whether you’re at the office, attending a celebration or using the restroom, there are definite do's and don’ts to using technology and social media appropriately.


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Ask the Etiquette Expert

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See what our clients think:

  • "Diane’s Protocol training with our executive education staff continues to receive “glowing” reports. Diane offers practical advice for anyone who works with people."

    Jackie Baugher, Director, Owner Managed Programs, Harvard Business School
  • "Diane is a renowned etiquette expert and has worked with the Center for Career Development at Rice University for the past 13 years. She teaches our students and staff how to successfully transition into the professional world, covering everything from networking, business etiquette, social media, communication skills, and dress. Her seminars are hands-on so students are practicing every step of the way.

    She delivers serious content with an energetic and witty manner and students walk away feeling more confident and can immediately apply what they have learned. Diane knows how to captivate an audience and keep them engaged. Her tips are always current, practical, and timeless.

    She delivers no nonsense feedback in a charming manner and her "tell it like it is" approach is fresh, relatable and authentic. It's clear she deeply cares about empowering others and inspires them to do the same. She is the real deal!"

    Nicole Van Den Heuvel, Director Center for Career Development | Rice University
  • "Diane’s words of wisdom are appropriate for a wide array of audiences. Our team ranges from recent college graduates to seasoned professionals, and Diane’s guidance provides something for everyone. Her easy confidence and open, engaging style make it fun to learn the finer points of etiquette that are useful in business and in everyday life!"

    Melissa K. Trotta, Associate Dean, Executive Degree Programs, Georgetown University
  • "Diane always brings a special enthusiasm to our Baylor University’s Annual Etiquette Dinner. Her professional expertise, coupled with her ability to relate and engage the students is the reason our etiquette dinner continues to be such an overwhelming success. Diane covers topics that will assist our students in their professional life, as well as immediately empower them to feel more confident in everyday situations. The event is always a huge success.
    We love Diane! "

    Kat Evans, Career Advisor, Baylor University
  • "Diane Gottsman delivers informative and entertaining dining etiquette and networking skills presentations to our students each fall. A dynamic speaker, Diane is easy to work with and very responsive to our campus’ needs. Her high-quality handouts help students take away her important message. I highly recommend The Protocol School of Texas for your dining etiquette training needs."

    Alexandra Anderson, MA, MEd, Associate Director of Career Services, Southwestern University
  • "Diane Gottsman is a pleasure to work with and truly an ‘Etiquette Expert’. The students love her insightful tips and engaging sense of humor. We always have a sold out crowd. Several students/faculty have commented that they have attended etiquette dinners before but none as useful as Diane’s."

    Arin Ely, Student Development Coordinator & Academic Advisor, McCoy College Academic Advising, McCoy College of Business Administration, Texas State University-San Marcos
  • "Diane came highly recommended to us from a number of universities, and 10 years, she has not let us down. A dynamic speaker, she holds the attention of the audience throughout the presentation and her knowledge of the world of etiquette is evident."

    Lindsey McPherson, Associate Director of Career Services, University of St. Thomas
  • "Diane’s session are fun, fascinating and full of useful content. Diane is a true professional with a charming, approachable demeanor. The dining etiquette session is enjoyed equally by both the students and the staff and all the comments after our 7 years of annual events are extremely positive. We always look forward to seeing Diane."

    Joyce Sinclair, Career Services Coordinator, Director of Internships
  • "Diane Gottsman is truly an expert in her field. Our premedical students always walk away from her sessions with new skills and a greater appreciation for the course material; definitely second to none in expertise and a class act!"

    Belinda Chapa Gonzalez, Director of Admissions and Special Programs
  • "We sent our 14 freshman Forty Acres Scholars at The University of Texas through Diane’s dining etiquette seminar and were thrilled with how it turned out. Our scholars gained confidence to handle any dining situation. Diane presents her information in a fun, informative, creative way. Since our scholars dine with alumni on a regular basis, it is imperative that they develop those skills early in their college career."

    Blakeney Kurad, Director of Forty Acres Scholars Program and Development, The Ex Students’ Association of The University of Texas
  • "The protocol presentation by Diane Gottsman was an incredible experience! I began learning things the moment she walked through the door. She was able to answer every single question in the room and taught the course with poise,friendliness, and approachability. I will always remember Diane Gottsman!"

    Matthew Reagan Barry, Student, Business Honors Program, Red McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin
  • "Diane is an engaging presenter and is always well received by our students. A couple of Diane’s key strengths is her ability to deliver informative material in an interesting manner and quickly respond to student’s questions in a substantive and meaningful way. Diane’s expertise can’t be beat."

    Steven Burton, Director, Texas MBA at Dallas & Houston, McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin
  • "Diane’s presentation to our campus Development Professionals was informative, engaging, and fun. Primarily focused on business protocol, Diane’s teaching style instantly put the participants at ease and created an interactive atmosphere where no one felt uncomfortable about asking questions. Her expertise is clear and practical and can be applied to both work and social situations. Diane is clearly an expert in her field and we are all better for having attended her session."

    Lee Bash, Executive Director, Office of Special Programs, The University of Texas at Austin
  • "Diane ensures each of our MBA students walks away from our “Etiquette Dinner” with a thorough understanding of the purpose and substance of dining in either a business or social setting. She also makes the subject more engaging and entertaining than anyone would have expected which is why UT has invited her back to teach our students for 5 years."

    Stacey L. Rudnick, Director, MBA Career Services
  • "Diane Gottsman gives an excellent Etiquette Dinner presentation annually to the UTSA Ambassadors. Diane instills self-confidence into each of our ambassadors that they will have for a lifetime. We are honored to have Diane back each year."

    Dr. Patricia Graham, Executive Director of the Special Events Center, The University of Texas at San Antonio
  • "Before Diane’s presentation, many of the students felt they did not need a presentation in etiquette. After speaking only a few minutes, Diane convinced everyone that they needed the presentation. She accomplished this minor miracle in an informative and entertaining delivery that left students wanting more."

    Dr. Michael Nowicki, FACHE, FHFMA Professor and Director, School of Health Administration, Texas State University – San Marcos
  • "Diane Gottsman makes etiquette not only informative, but fun. I highly recommend her smart, polished approach to all things protocol."

    Deena B. Katz, Associate Professor, Texas Tech University
  • "Diane always delivers an exceptional program! She has presented our etiquette dinners for the past 5 years, and she has a knack for keeping things entertaining while also teaching students valuable skills that they will be able to use their entire lives/careers. In at least one case, a student commented that this was the best educational program he has ever attended. Since Diane has been presenting at our Etiquette Dinners, we have sold out each of them, and actually had to expand the number of seats. We are looking forward to our next Etiquette Dinner. Thanks Diane!"

    Dan Naegeli, Director, University of North Texas Career Center
  • "Diane Gottsman’s networking and etiquette program offered thoroughly enjoyable and instructive guidance for helping our students, faculty and staff successfully navigate around the many pitfalls that can make or break a job offer or business deal. By infusing humor and enthusiasm into her interactive presentation, Diane makes the attendees extremely receptive to learning. Thanks Diane."

    F. Lamar Pritchard, Ph.D, Dean, College of Pharmacy
  • "Diane’s corporate etiquette training, coupled with her warm personality and down-to-earth teaching method made our Summer Leadership Conference even more special for our members. As we strive to offer our collegiate and alumni membership resources that will equip them to make viable contributions to the communities we serve, we will definitely use The Protocol School of Texas, and Diane Gottsman, again for future training programs. Thanks Diane!"

    Eric A. McCoy, International Director of Training and Development
  • "Diane’s enthusiasm, professional expertise, and ability to relate and engage the students is impeccable. Diane informs students about etiquette that will help them in their professional and social event. Students always compliment Diane’s energetic and informative etiquette dinner and say everyone on campus should attend."

    Christine Burnett, Trinity University
  • "Working with Diane and her team is always a pleasure. The instruction she provides our McCoy MBA students during the annual Business Etiquette Dinner is not only engaging and entertaining, but absolutely critical to their long-term success in the business world."

    Matthew W. Painter, MBA Program Director, McCoy College of Business Administration, Texas State University
  • "Diane Gottsman does an amazing job of providing our BearKats information as it relates to dining etiquette. She accomplishes this through her approachable and laidback demeanor while simultaneously instructing our students on the pitfalls that they may encounter at a business interview meal. She truly provides a great service for Sam Houston State University."

    Mitch Parker, Marketing and Events Coordinator, Cohort 29 – Ed.D. Educational Leadership, Higher Education, Sam Houston State