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Asking for Time Off in the Summer

May 11th, 2017 by

Dear Diane,

I’ve been with my job for a little less than a year and I would like to take some time off. There are other people with more seniority at my company and I hear them talking about their summer plans. This is my first job and I want to get it right. What should I do?

Asking for Time Off

Dear Angela,

Summer is a good time to take a break and use your vacation time for some rest and relaxation. You can take time off and honor your work commitments. Before you pull out your suitcase and book your flight, you will need to carefully plan. Here are some tips to help you put your request in motion.

Give Enough Notice

Most companies have a policy which requires vacation requests be made well in advance. Be aware of your company’s policy. It’s not uncommon for multiple employees to ask for time off during the summer and seasonal holidays. Vacation schedules need to be coordinated so the office runs smoothly while people are out.

Be Respectful of Teammates

Chances are, everyone has the same idea. Some may want to take time off in small chunks, others prefer one big vacation per year. Summer is the optimum time for parents because their kids are out of school. Plan your leave early and be flexible.

Stick to the Original Plan

You and a co-worker may both request time off for the same event, which happens to fall on a Thursday morning. Your boss gives you the day off because you were first with your request, and as a result, your coworker is missing out. At the last minute, you change your mind and come into work. Now two people missed out. Do your best to follow through.

Don’t Call in Sick

Your request for a few days off was denied for a particular week and suddenly you come down with a “terrible cold.” Be aware that you are playing a dangerous game. Social media can capture you at the beach or by the pool sipping a cocktail. Don’t jeopardize your reputation by deceiving your boss or putting your team in a bind.

Plan now for a restful, or exciting summer vacation.

Best of luck,

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