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Properly Storing Your Winter Clothing

April 18th, 2017 by

Dear Diane,


Now that Spring is here it’s time to switch out my winter work clothing for lighter fabrics, and I am wondering how to best store my sweaters, coats and wool garments. I live in a small apartment and space is always on the top of my mind. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,
Claudia V.

Dear Claudia,

Spring is certainly the time to switch out your heavy coats and wool sweaters for lighter clothing. Instead of pushing all of your garments to the back of the closet, and your sweaters to the back of the drawer, take careful precaution when storing your seasonal wardrobe.


Look closely at each article of clothing for stains, holes and pills. Never put something away that needs attention. Dry clean or wash items and put them in an area that is ventilated. This allows your garments to breathe without getting musty.


Some coats can be laundered. Fasten all the pockets and zip up the front of the coat. Remove the hood if it is zipped together. Follow the directions on the label and utilize dryer balls if you put your coat in the dryer to eliminate clumps that will form with the coat filling.


After washing items that need to be pressed, hang them up until the following year. Avoid using starch and heavy fabric softener before storing clothing to keep from attracting insects. Your clothes will likely get moved around and jostled during the year so wait until you are ready to wear the garment before pressing.


Place sweaters, neatly folded, in a drawer. Lay flat, folded in half or roll them loosely, separating each item with tissue paper. Insert lavender sachets into drawers which are specifically sold to repel moths. Avoid hanging your sweaters and knit items as they will stretch out and lose their shape.

Safe storage will ensure you will have “like new” clothing to wear when the temperatures start to drop again in the fall.


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