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Parking Etiquette: Anonymous Windshield Notes

May 24th, 2017 by

Dear Diane,

I live in an apartment complex where we have assigned parking. My neighbor always parks too close on the line, and sometimes over the line, by my parking spot. I’ve seen people leave notes on cars about bad parking jobs, but I don’t want any trouble with my neighbor. How do I politely let her know her parking is rude?


Driver Etiquette

Dear Christine,

There’s a growing trend where people leave mean or funny notes on people’s cars. However, unless it’s a nice note, anonymous notes are rude. It makes the note writer just as rude as the bad parker. But you do have some options.

Talk It Out

You could go talk to your neighbor and politely tell them you are having trouble getting in and out of your spot when they park so close on the line. Ask them to stay in their own space.

Report It

If you don’t feel comfortable asking your neighbor to stay in the lines, report it to the apartment manager. They can handle the matter without identifying you.

Request Another Spot

Many people have oversized vehicles. Two full-size SUVs trying to park side-by-side in a tight spot will probably have some trouble. You might need to request another reserved spot in the parking lot. Again, talk to the apartment manager to get some help.

Leave It Alone

When it comes to rude public parkers, there’s not much you can do. If it’s an impolite parker who has taken up two spaces at a restaurant, leave it alone. It’s not your job to be on parking patrol. Leaving nasty notes won’t improve the situation. It could provoke aggressive behavior in the other driver. It’s best to find another spot to park.

Many times, people are in such a rush to get where they are going that they don’t do such a great job parking. Talking to them about it might get them to straighten up when pulling into their spot.

Best of luck,

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